The sound of meditation

The shakuhachi is a Japanese bamboo flute which originally comes from China. Adopted by Japanese monks, it became an instrument for meditation and breathing training. The traditional solo pieces are called honkyoku.

Besides the religious music, the sound can evocate nature and express deeper feelings.  


The shakuhachi is also played in chamber music with koto and shamisen and in modern and contemporary music with Western instruments.

Daniel Lifermann, Hélène Codjo & Teruhisa Fukuda
Daniel Lifermann, Hélène Codjo & Teruhisa Fukuda

Hélène Codjo started to learn the shakuhachi with Daniel Lifermann in the French association "La Voie du Bambou". 

Since 2006, she regularly follows the masterclasses given by Fukuda Teruhisa, head of the school Hijiri-ryū (Sainte-école) and Hijiri-kaï ensemble.

In January 2013, she got from Fukuda Teruhisa an assistant-master teaching and performing diploma (Jun Shihan) with the name Seiyu (wisdom of kindness) and in November 2015, she was awarded the master (shihan) diploma.


Since 2010, she is member of the European Shakuhachi Society. She also followed masterclasses with Christopher Yohmei Blasdel, Gunnar Jinmei Linder, Jim Franklin, Shimura Zempo and Kurahashi Yodo II.


She performs the shakuhachi in concerts, shows and special events and gives lessons and workshops, .

How to learn shakuhachi ?

Patience and persistance are needed to learn shakuhachi but his beautiful sound and music will change your life.

Quietness and inner peace are part of the experience of blowing the flute.


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