African Memories

"What is Africa to me?"


Trying to answer this question is "African Memories", for Shakuhachi solo, my current composition project. I combine the exploration of my African roots with the essence of shakuhachi music.


"Gorée - La Porte du Non-Retoure" and "Tambin", two of the three pieces of this tryptic, were premiered during the International Shakuhachi Festival Prague 2019. 


The third one, "Baobab - L'Âme du Griot". was composed in early 2020.

They will be recorded and released later this year.

#1. Tambin:

"Tambin" is the name of an African (Peul) transverse flute. Each time I hear it, its sounds takes me back to my country of birth, Senegal. It is the flute sound I was born with. In this shakuhachi solo composition, I explore and mix some specific techniques of both flutes (Tambin and Shakuhachi), to express their deep connection in me.


Image & Editing: Alexandra Maiuga

Japanese Meditations

This series in Japanese "Honkyoku" Style includes 5 pieces but is not finished yet:


1. Fukurō (Owl): Quietness of the heart in a deep night

2. Simplicity: Inspired by the traditional honkyoku "Kyorei"

3. Reflection

4. Acceptance

5. Joy: Inner joy is key to happiness and isn't affected by struggles, suffering and disappointment.

Music for Students

10 Easy Pentatonic Melodies for beginners

10 Easy Pentatonic Melodies, in Japanese notation with fingering chart.

6 melodies are only in the lower register. No meri-kari technique.

Score can be purchased here (scroll down to the bottom of the page)